About us

Since the turn of the millennium Jack has been travelling the nation in search of quality. Sheffield for knives and forks, Northampton for Shoes and even a trip to Melton Mowbray for pork pies. The latter may explain his ongoing battle with gout.


Alex joined Jack, and as time went on their trips to the Northampton shoemakers became more regular. Finding quality shoes to fit Alex’s clown feet became a challenge the pair relished.


They realised that what they wanted was a place people could go, where you could get real quality at reasonable prices. From this Loveday & Salt Ltd was born. Whether you want the perfect pair of shoes for a trip to Twickenham or something reasonably priced to wear everyday for work, Loveday & Salt have the answer.


Loveday & Salt aims to have all the answers, from fashion advice for the aspiring gent to a zany pair of socks to add a talking point to a terribly boring meeting.